LA based Professional photographer and videographer specializes in Fashion and portrait, music, urban art, event and food photography. Strong work ethic and distinctive style. 

    Photography is my love and passion. Ever since my parents gave me an old Canon SLR camera, when I was a little kid in Japan, I have always been fascinated by the photography's ability to freeze and capture the moment.

    I came to Los Angeles alone as a teenager. I had my share of struggle and growing pains in my 20's and 30's as an immigrant from different culture. I had many lows and some highs, but I never lost my love of photography. Decades of viewing the world through the view finder, my style of photography had metamorphosed from capturing a moment to a tool of expression.  

    When I see a subject for my project or assignment, model, talents or a nicely plated dish etc, I see stories. To me, camera is much more than a device to record the moment, it is a tool to tell stories. I see myself as a story teller. My camera is a pen and light is my ink...

    Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to capture the one of a kind tale of yours.

Yours truly,


Shawn N.

Great work he did for my event.

Highly recommended.


Taneisha A.

Tatsu is a seasoned photographer who knows exactly how to get the results you want for a very reasonable price. He is very easy to work with, a great listener, and gives good tips to help you get the photos you want! I highly recommend him. He is my go to for any professional photos I need.


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